Do Copper Bracelets Relieve Pain In this episode I test out copper bracelets and whether they help to relieve pain in the body. Upon researching this o… Click to see our Large Selection of Magnetic Copper Bracelets for Health & Beauty. Read more about m…

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45 Responses to “Do Copper Bracelets Relieve Pain”

  1. Joseph ORourke says:

    I’ve been a chef for 23yrs. I have a bursitus in my right knee and also in
    my back from a crushed L4 /L5 disc,I wear a Sergio lub solid copper
    magnetic braclet and also have other solid copper magnetic that I rotate on
    and off and I swear that they have deffinetly helped with the
    inflamation,stiffness and pain,I rarely go a day without these braclets
    they are a life saver,If you investigate this more you will find out that
    it is acient medicine dating back 1000s of years.

  2. Ceranko Man says:

    I’m not sure if it actually works, it may have a placebo effect the human
    mind is a powerful thing. But Magnetics do have an effect on the human
    body, we have an electromagnetic field around our body very subtile but it
    is there. So magnetics may do something not sure exactly what.

  3. beefstaa says:

    i made one in shop class but i didnt know is did all of this stuff. ( i had
    to make one to get a grade ( I GOT AN A!) but i might just actually wear it
    ( although im a guy but who cares?))

  4. FUNCLEJ0E says:

    Actually, there has never been extensive research to support your “placebo”
    comment. But, there is research to show that copper has MANY benefits. H2O2
    will remove nitrogen from your joints (causes pain). Peroxide, or even
    CLEAN COLD WATER, will a lot to add O2 to your blood, which helps remove
    nitrogen and kill bacteria, virus, germs and well, look online, lots of

  5. htomerif says:

    Huh. thats interesting, I always thought that cold water would constrict
    blood vessels in whatever’s being exposed to it, thereby reducing blood
    oxygen. if I remember, hydrogen peroxide destroys lipids such as cell
    membranes and other biological molecules.

  6. Wade Morris says:

    I had a real bad crip in my neck for about a week and I went to Wal-Mart
    and got a Copper Magnetic Bracelet last night and within 24 hours my crip
    was gone. So this bracelet isn’t a scam it really works.

  7. SGTtedKrtiier says:

    I got and started wearing my copper braclet on the 16 of Nov. that day and
    on the 17th my knee pain was the worst it has ever been…then lat nite it
    went away. And while I was at work tonite I had absolutly no pain at
    all!!!! And sence I started my job witch is nothing but me boing on my feet
    I have had alot of knee pain and even one day that I had to call in…
    AMAZING! Aside from me turning in to a green smerf…I LOVE it! and have no
    intention of taking it off! want one with magnets next!

  8. Tom Salato says:

    I’ve always been very skeptical about copper relieving pain but recently my
    sister gave me a bracelet and I wore it for the arthritis in my hands and
    amazingly I felt a marked improvement in pain reduction within 2 days. I
    still wonder how but what the hey, I’m am happy with the results.

  9. Neil Ogley says:

    I just bought one and Hope it works.

  10. Matt Boland says:

    It’s a load of crap people! There’s no science behind it whatever and any
    benefits are placebo only.

  11. 45thpaace says:

    i was going through the first aid section at the local market here and say
    a copper bracelet. I had heard that they were generally good for you so
    even though i was skeptical i figured it couldn’t hurt to wear it. I donate
    platelets every two weeks and since i dont like needles my blood pressure
    goes up. Yesterday i was told my blood pressure was too low to give
    platelets which never happens. I dont know about pain relief yet but my
    blood pressure is back to normal.

  12. Yadira Schieler-Alcala says:

    I love your energy : )

  13. Travis Heinze says:

    Yes, I agree that copper works in reduces pain.

  14. philip Anderson says:

    I am a Strongman. I pull Fire Trucks and lift 1,000 pound tires. My copper
    bracelet helps with recovery from the World’s toughest sport. RUSSA

  15. GreenWhite Red says:

    i think its legit im going to buy one online 😀

  16. mryaz2008 says:

    It actually dates back thousands of years 🙂 Also be careful that the
    Copper jewelry you purchase is not coated in toxic chemicals… Use only
    natural, raw, organic copper or you will only trade one problem for
    another! We use no chemicals on our jewelry, and it does work!

  17. TheTexasbuddy says:

    I have arthritis in my knees, hips and lower back. I purchased a copper
    bracelet and wore it for several weeks. It didn’t work for me, my pain
    remains the same.

  18. phwano says:

    I started wearing a copper bracelet, not for arthritis but because my
    partner bought it as a present. I can’t remember how long it was before I
    realised that the pain in my left wrist and thumb was barely noticeable.
    The braclet was the only thing I could put it down to, so I tried it on the
    other wrist. You can call it hocus pocus, placebo, call it whatever you
    like but I’m now pain free, without medication. Just because science hasn’t
    figured out how it works isn’t proof that it doesn’t.

  19. chucholetsm8one says:

    You should look for “Scalar Energy” Pendant on You Tube.

  20. Neil Ogley says:

    I have been thinking of buying one myself to relieve neck pain and keep my
    balance in sync.

  21. Paul Cook says:

    Magnetic copper bracelets work very well and have many great health
    benefits. I used to own one, so I know what they can do. The selection of
    bracelets in this video are very nice as well.

  22. sam nil says:

    I heard copper magnetic bracelets are have many great health benefits. It’s
    suppose to make your blood circulation better.these magnetic copper
    bracelets are also looks so stylish and fashionable.

  23. cindy johnson says:

    Absolutely stunning one of a kind bracelets. Its amazing how such beautiful
    and stylish jewel could give amazing health benefits. I am planning to buy

  24. Anthony Bliss says:

    Love the jewelry it is amazing it helps your health.

  25. Ghezal Fetret says:

    yesterday i bought copper bracelet because i had a lot of pain in my
    hands,back,legs,I wear it since yesterday my hands pain already disappeared
    my legs around 60% improvement,I am very happy with it,but i don’t know for
    how long should i wear them?long term wearing them doesn’t cause any
    problem or excess copper in system?does any one have any knowledge to help
    regards risk of copper bracelet side effect?I already feel the benefit
    hands pain fully gone!

  26. FaithShekinah says:

    Great video, very informational. I’ve never heard of magnetic copper
    bracelets, I’m definitely going to look into getting one!

  27. matthgaid says:

    nice video i really liked it so much i loved the concept of it, its simply

  28. Yukan Gofukov says:

    I own one of these, and they’re fantastic! I feel so much better!!

  29. Sumit Mistry says:

    Really it’s looking beautiful. Bracelets are so amazing.

  30. MrNerac says:

    Best magnetic copper braceles with nort pole facing body

  31. wilsonsmith3232 says:

    I have heard of this therapy, however I did not realize that there were so
    many options!

  32. somighimire says:

    wow the large selection of magnetic copper bracelets are great.

  33. ReviewsByErik says:

    Even aside from the health benefits, these bracelets are stunning just to
    look at. Just ordered one.

  34. thatoneguyhmm says:

    I found this video to be very interesting! Great information and thanks for

  35. MegaFoster08 says:

    beautiful bracelet, information is very useful. I will buy it, thanks for

  36. krazikristin says:

    Magnetic Copper Bracelets have many good assets & many different health
    benifits.. I always said that they should spice the style up and
    personalize them which is exactly what you have done in this video. Now i
    will defiantly get one. Great demonstration video!

  37. SpiceGuy33 says:

    This is really interesting! Thanks for the video. I’ll have to do some
    research on this!

  38. Travis Harney says:

    Those are really neat bracelets. I bet they help a lot of people.

  39. Melanie Sam says:

    these look like beautiful bracelets! And who knew they could be good for
    your health too?

  40. Stephanie Pacut says:

    i;ve heard about these, supposed to help out with all kinds of stuff.

  41. Ghezal Fetret says:

    and also it is not increase heavy metal and lead in the system?

  42. SalineQueen1 says:

    I am interested in natural healing. This bracelet sounds ideal.

  43. Zumba East London says:

    Are these not avalible in the uk?

  44. Lady2and3 says:

    I like the cbw565 style the best

  45. KarmaAce00 says:

    I recently purchased the CBM4 bracelet. I enjoy the feeling I get when I
    wear it.

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