How Magnetic Therapy Can Change Your Life

How Magnetic Therapy Can Change Your Life
Magnetic therapy is an alternate form of medicine that has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There is a recent resurgence in popularity of these products. Permanent magnets are used in beauty products, jewelry, pet beds, shoes, and many other items to speed recovery from injury, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation. While some remain skeptical to the healing benefits of magnetic therapy, with such a following even lifetime guarantees, it is important to look at exactly what is going on.

Hemoglobin is a the protein within the body that carries oxygen during circulation. An important and interesting trait of hemoglobin is that it is slightly diamagnetic. This simply means that when small amounts of magnetism is introduced near the blood, the hemoglobin will react. Magnetic products can be placed in specific locations to change desired effects. No matter where they are placed, they will increase oxygenation and blood flow. This is essential to fresh injuries and inflammation. As soon as a minor sprain or twist happens to body tissue, the bodies natural response is to flood the area with blood and other fluids as a protective measure. Unfortunately the body cannot circulate the fluid out fast enough and painful swelling will result. This swelling will reduce the bodies ability to circulate fresh blood to the afflicted body part, an important component of restorative healing.

There is a wide array of magnetic therapy products, each developed with a specific purpose and properties. One of the most popular is the magnetized bracelet. These can be seen on the wrists of professional athletes around the world. Huge amounts of blood are pumped through the veins in the wrist and these bands can help with everyone from headaches, which are due to a lack circulation, to minor arthritic aches and pains.

Another widely-used magnetized product is shoe soles and shoe inserts. The foot is home to a boggling amount of pressure points and large veins. Huge amounts of blood and energy go through the foot each day. This makes the use of magnets on this part of the body one of the most beneficial. In this form of reflexology, patients have seen a dramatic decrease in fatigue, increased blood circulation, and a major drop in foot and leg pain at the end of the day.

Over a billion dollars are spent worldwide every year on magnetic therapy products. While research is limited in the area, hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying the benefits of magnetized products for a longer, pain-free lifestyle.

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