The Use Of Magnetic Ceiling Hooks For Signage And Wiring

The Use Of Magnetic Ceiling Hooks For Signage And Wiring
Magnetic hooks have a whole host of uses in a store environment, acting as ceiling hooks in order to secure items in a permanent fashion on metal ceilings, which removes the need for messy adhesives that generally dont adhere easily on metal surfaces.

magnetic hooks of this type can be used for holding up in store signs and direction signs, various decorations in store, point of sale product displays, or even temporary fixtures. In the case of direction signs, they are a perfect way to direct people around your store.

Directing customers

Directing people around stores is an often disregarded skill, one which can be essential to the success of a store. Some consider this skill an art form, as the direction of people around a store can boost sales of certain items that once did not sell at all. These are usually the items placed in areas that are not usually walked to, if however you direct people via this route, the items will be seen and therefore will be more likely to be purchased.

In the case of in store signs, these are essential for people to find their way to the items that they need to find. For example, items like batteries have no specific place within a supermarket and so it is beneficial to have these labelled in sign form so that people can find them and therefore purchase them.

Decorative issues

In store decorations are another important issue to consider. When there is a seasonal holiday coming up, magnetic hooks can be used to hang decorations that boost the stores general appeal, as well as directing customers to specifically festive offers or related products such as Easter eggs or Christmas cakes. Sales of certain items in festive periods are boosted, so it is of the utmost importance that decorations are perfectly placed and at a suitable level for related products. Placement is aided by the fact magnetic hooks can be placed almost anywhere on a magnetic ceiling.

Another great use for ceiling hooks of this type is to attach any hanging wires to the store ceiling. This has a twofold advantage; firstly it allows any untidy wires to be held close to the ceiling, minimising any risk of a wire coming into contact with shelving or a customer, all the while neatening up the stores ceiling appearance. The second advantage is that it will allow wiring to stretch further, as it is tighter to the ceiling it will reach further than it would when hanging down in a loose manner. This will allow the store to save money on wiring costs, in addition to minimising the risk of injury or stock loss due to wiring coming into contact with either entity during shopping hours.

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